Vision, Mission & Values

Our Vision

To be the premier provider of diversified hospitality and tourism services in Zimbabwe by 2020.

Our Mission

We exist to create sustainable shareholder value through the deployment of dynamic hospitality services that consistently deliver refreshing guest experiences.

Our Values

The values adopted thereof focused on the brand and its activation. We avoided the often practice of trying to merge/force fit the brand’s values to individual values. We acknowledge the pre-eminence of the brand’s values and we acknowledge our existence as agents of the brand in its quest for self-expression. It is vital for the team to be able to embrace the full attributes of the Rainbow and exude the Rainbow essence & personality in the translation of RTG Brand Values.


In all that we do, we guarantee freshness: fresh food, fresh pillow, fresh smile


We provide consistent and reliable service to all our guests every time


We have integrity; we do what we say, we keep our promises


We activate synergies to achieve amazing guest success every time


We are vibrant. We are full of life and we enjoy what we do

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