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Rainbow Tourism Group Corporate Social Responsibility 

Rainbow Tourism Group’s Social Responsibility Programmes are guided by a Cause Branding Approach and a Philanthropic Approach with regard to Environmental Issues primarily, then Health as a secondary focus.  Combined the two approaches  deal with the  determination of  Environmental and Health issues that the group can engage in  to support and how best these can be supported.   Rainbow Tourism Group as a Corporate Citizen will yield sustainable and effective social investment programs through partnerships at grass root level and effective allocation of resources with regard to the environmental and health issues within its immediate surrounds.

The Rainbow Tourism Group, takes  note of the fact that its  business is dependent on the sustainable development and  conservation of the environment  as a major pulling factor in generating the necessary tourist traffic. Rainbow Tourism Group  will adopt sustainable Tourism Development Practises through the incorporation  of  the groups Environmental Policy  and  Waste Management Initiatives  into  its  operational framework.

Rainbow Tourism Group therefore seeks an integrated approach in the execution of Corporate Social Investment Programs  through the involvement  of associates . Projects like “Community Challenge”, which offer associates  opportunities  to partner with an organisation  within their  communities. The associates will contribute by offering their skills and expertise to the benefit of the community .

The following are some of the initiatives currently being undertaken by the group in the three spheres of -:

  1. Environment Management and Sustainability
  2. Health
  3. Local communities sustainable development

RTG  Corporate Environmental  and Corporate Social Responsibility Status

The Rainbow Tourism Group with hotels and lodges located in some of our most beautiful natural areas around the country and the region, is in the fore front of fostering a culture of environmental reciprocity through adopting eco friendly strategies. The main objectives is to foster a culture of good environmental practises by Zimbabweans through adopting of  the  “reduce , reuse, recycle” strategy within the Rainbow Tourism Group. RTG implemented an environmental policy with effect from 2008  in conjunction with Mapepa, a community based waste management company.

The Rainbow Tourism Group together with several others in the corporate sector continues to note with pride that environmental issues are receiving more recognition and are taking centre stage in fundamental business decisions that affect daily operations within organisations.
The organisation has realised the benefits of adopting lasting solutions to waste management. The tourism industry business is dependent on the environment, tourism is about green issues and sustainable conservation of the environment becomes a major pulling factor in generating the necessary tourist traffic.

For the Rainbow Tourism Group , the sustainability of Clean Up Campaigns have made significant changes within communities, industry and institutions. These campaigns range from -:

The Rainbow Tourism Group presently has several of these initiatives in place -:

The  belief as an organisation is the 360* adoption of sustainable Tourism Development Practises through the incorporation  of  the groups Environmental Policy  and  Waste Management Initiatives  into our daily operational framework.
The role of local communities within our spheres of business influence is fundamental hence the strategic partnership between Mapepa – a recycling co-operative that works with local women.

As a Tourism player, these and other initiatives are an imminent  factor in the Success of the Tourism Sector in Zimbabwe. Positioning the group as a Green Organisation not only benefits the environment we operate in but is an international benchmark for Tourism Destinations within the developed world where the majority of our Tourism Source Markets are based.

The Group in conjunction with Net One and Environment Africa have set up and annual awards scheme aimed  at not only the promoting greater awareness of environmental issues but also honours journalists who work within this sector. The Awards are presented quarterly and proved to be a valuable tool in raising awareness of the work being done environment African in conserving our natural habitat.

RTG has been actively involved in environmental and Health issues that foster sustainable development and are critical contributors to the positive sustainable development of Zimbabwe. The Group has won the following awards :

  1. 1st Runner up –Best Environmentally friendly lodge for the Annual Tourism Awards [ Zimbabwe] 2008 -:Lodge at Ancient City one of its leading lodges under the Touch the Wild brand.
  2. Best corporate Social Citizen Awards for 2008  for the Annual Tourism Awards Zimbabwe.
  3. Corporate Environmental Champion for 2009 Award  by Environmental Africa , which is the most recognised environmental Group in Zimbabwe.

For  further information on these and other initiatives  please contact Pride Khumbula on

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